“Taylor and I went to school together and it was there that I first experienced his work ethic. He put his all into everything he did and, while I was working at Marvel Comics, I was asked to recommend a designer. He was the first person I thought of and he quickly became a staple at the offices. Originally hired as a temporary designer, he remained there for over four years; during which time he maintained the kind of dedication and professionalism that made him a worker to be relied on. In our department workers were required to juggle several responsibilities and, in addition to overseeing and handling the bulk of our Digital Comics, he set up pages for print, assisted in printing for other departments, archived old files for trades, and designed covers, logos and extra material for monthly books. His work was always his first priority, he stayed until the job was done, and this was reflected both in the quality of what he produced and the confidence that his managers and co-workers had in him."

Anthony Dial, Artist/Writer

“Taylor reported to me when we recruited him from the PSP Production crew to manage the Digital Production Process while supporting us in Print Production whenever the work there overflowed every Friday night. I supported his promotion to become a full time staffer after being a temp for many years. Dedicated, skilled and always willing to put the extra work if needed, I recommend Taylor to any firm that would consider hiring him.”

Justin F. Gabrie, Independent Graphic Novel Professional

“Taylor is a really good worker. He has grown by leaps and bounds as a professional graphic designer.”

Tim Smith3, Digital Comics Production Manager, Marvel Entertainmen, LLC

“Taylor is a meticulous worker with strong skills in communication and publication production. Taylor excels at optimizing instructions to complete work quickly and effectively. As his manager, I often looked to him as a leader in the Production department, relying on him to handle heavy work loads. Taylor is a strong and talented team member.”

Omar Otieku, Developer at Expand The Room

“I believe Taylor Esposito has the aptitude and capacity to handle the expectations of any firm and will be an excellent asset as a result of his determination, intelligence and creativity. No matter how small the assignment may be, he has always risen above and beyond towards the challenge with a positive attitude and has never ended with anything but positive results. I am confident that his integrity and originality will allow him to become an essential contribution for a position in every company.”

Idette Winecoor, Digital Compositor, Marvel Entertainmen, LLC

“Taylor's dedication and work ethic while at Marvel, was equaled only by his superior artistic eye for design. He was able to deliver above and beyond what was expected on every occasion. Taylor is a team player and has the ability to execute projects under pressure.”

Frank Rosner, Newsstand Circulation and Specialty Sales Manager, Marvel Entertainment, LLC

“Taylor is very detailed-driven and precise in how he delivers the final project. He's extremely easy to work with and never afraid to ask questions. He's the guy you want on your team, especially when things come down to the wire. Highly recommended.”

David Gallaher, Co-Founder/Head Writer at Bottled Lightning  

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